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Keeping Local, Local

Keeping Local, Local.



1. Responsible Growth Management

We're seeing incredible growth in this area, and it must be managed well. Staying local and keeping a small-town feel takes intentionality and responsible management. My aim is to keep Post Falls as local as possible in this season of growth. 

2. Limited Government

Government is designed for a few small things, but not to control our lives. I will work to keep the local government where it should be, and bring back the limits on government that enable a free people.

3. Personal Freedom - No More Mandates.

Idahoans are known for our ability to stand up and take care of our community. Post Falls doesn’t need mandates or control. I believe law-abiding citizens have the right and responsibility to live with freedom, and I will fight every day to this end.


As a concerned citizen and Idaho native, Kenny is active in standing up for personal freedom and responsibility, both in the political and the private world. 

His desire to see leaders rise up has taken him to all four corners of the US, both teaching and learning new leadership skills. He has also helped with political campaigns and worked for a Texas State Rep during the session. Born in Cda, he is running for City Council because he knows the importance of preserving what we have in Idaho and wants to see Post Falls remain a city of true liberty for its citizens. 

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